Bitfury has provided a tool to deal with questionable transactions

Blockchain company Bitfury has developed a platform of Crystal – a tool for the detection and investigation of criminal activity in the Bitcoin blockchain. Work on creation of the platform began in 2016 with the aim to change the perception of bitcoin as a tool to execute the transactions on the black market.

«The industry needs is very convenient and easy tools to track bitcoin transactions to see whether the sender’s address «green» or «black»,» – said the head of the Group Bitfury, Valery Vavilov.

Tracking transactions between unscrupulous users, Crystal to establish a link between specific addresses associated with illegal activities.

Then the results of data analysis will be presented with a visual schedule that can be integrated with other software tools and used for the preparation of legal reports in the framework of more extensive research. Over time, other tools will allow you to track the bitcoin address for transactions between them and the so-called mixers.

«We analyze the sites, forums and different sources, and then combine the information and get the answer to the question – doubtful this deal or not,» – said Vavilov.

Enterprise edition product Pro Crystal will be embedded in a network of companies. The platform will allow them to monitor the activity on the blockchain and provide additional safety. The free version of Crystal is available from 30 January. In March the company will introduce tariffs for corporate clients.

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