Bitmain launches ASIC miner Antminer X3 for Monero

Another hashing algorithm surrendered under the onslaught of ASIC and GPU miners have lost another source of income. Monero and other cryptocurrencies that use the CryptoNight algorithm, will soon be produced exclusively on specialized equipment.

On the newly submitted by the company Baikal first ASIC miner for CryptoNight algorithm, the Giant N, the largest Chinese manufacturer of ASIC miners Bitmain responded to the release of their miner for CryptoNight – X3 Antminer, which is much more powerful than offered by a competitor. At the moment only available pre-orders for may and June 2018. First shipment will take place from 15 to 31 may and the second from 15 to 31 of June.

Main technical specifications of Antminer X3:

  • the hashing algorithm is CryptoNight

  • hash rate – 220 KH/s

  • power consumption – 550 watt (11 times more powerful than Giant N)

  • weight – 7 kg

According to representatives of Bitmain, these specifications are preliminary. In real conditions they expect better performance.

But most of all X3 Antminer buyers «please» price of the device. Price will be $11 999 (3.5 times more expensive than Giant N) and $7599 for the second party (15-31 June). Traditionally, Bitmain accepted bitches and the dollar. Limitation – not more than one miner every buyer.

However, buyers of the new miner can threaten another danger: the development team Monero opposed to the availability of ASIC miners in the network and plans to change the hashing algorithm if their impact will be excessive. However, the specific date of the change of algorithm has not been named.

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