Bitpay will prevent clients to sell services of cloud mining and pornography

The operator cryptocurrency payments Bitpay decided to significantly limit its customers to use bitcoin. In the updated user agreement now introduced several important restrictions for services, which will operate the company, including the sellers of pornographic content and cloud mining.

Additional types of «prohibited transactions» include selling drugs, substances for research or any substances which distribution is controlled by law; cash and equivalents; items that violate any intellectual property rights; ammunition, firearms, explosives (including fireworks) or weapons; personal information of third parties; transactions that support pyramid or other fraudulent schemes; transactions related to cloud mining services; loan restructuring or debt settlement; medicines based on kratom or nootropics; transaction services-competitors Bitpay.

The agreement also lists the «operation restriction», which are subject to internal review and are permitted only with the direct permission Bitpay. These include transactions with Forex companies, financial services; sale of equipment for mining services; currency exchange; transactions associated with purchases of lottery tickets, banking, offshore banking, Finance, investment, investment products or gambling.

After update conditions Bitpay, obviously, started tracking the sites their customers who violate the user agreement, for the termination of relations with them. At least one Creator of the porn content, said at the forum that the company gave him two months to find alternative payment service provider, after which it will cease service. He posted a screenshot of the message Bitpay with the following contents:

«After a recent update of our User agreement we will soon cease to process payments for vendors who distribute pornographic content. We understand that the change of operator payments can be costly for any business. You will have two months to find alternative service provider before your Bitpay account will be disabled. Your account will be disabled April 25, 2018».

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