Bittrex will add trade in dollars and will resume user registration

The head of the cryptocurrency exchanges Bittrex, bill Shihara (Bill Shihara) confirmed information about the opening of the stock exchange trade in dollars. It happened during the podcast Unikrn Radio with the head Unikrn Court Rahul (Rahul Sood).

Cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex today is one of the most popular among traders. Its main feature is represented by a large number of altcoins. Exchange was created in 2013 by former employees of the security Department of Microsoft — Shiharai and his two companions. The founder believes that the experience of working in the security sector, as well as publicity, while other exchanges kept anonymous, was the basis of the initial success Bittrex.

In the fall of 2017 Bittrex suddenly, without warning, turned off thousands of users, what is not a joke angered the cryptocurrency community. Later in December, users announced the termination of new registrations in connection with an incredible number of applications and the inability thorough checks of new customers.

The exchange is under the jurisdiction of the United States and this fact is forcing the government to take very seriously its legal obligations, which in turn requires a huge amount of staff.

On the registration of new users, head Bittrex said that soon it will open again, but new customers will put forward a number of additional requirements, including minimum trading Deposit. This, according to Chiharu, can guarantee that new users will be «people who know what they’re doing.»

The company plans a partnership with the Korean stock exchange Upbit, which will give Upbit access to liquidity Bittrex, and the last access to the retail market of Korea. In the near future will be signed other partnership agreements.

The exchange’s management consults with the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC), discussing future opportunities that Chiharu sees in securities trading.

State regulation of the cryptocurrency market bill Shihara considers inevitable:

«If we want bitcoin was ubiquitous and traded around the world, we need governments and institutions, accepting it.»

Familiarity with the cryptocurrency of Sihara began in 2011, when in the garage, he organized a mining bitcoins. Bill has not coped with emotions and threw my laptop with the mined cryptocurrency, when the bitcoin price plummeted from $60 to $6.

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