Blockchain-a consortium of R3 opens development center in Russia

A consortium of R3 and six Russian universities will be to explore and adapt to developments in the field of blockchain solutions, said the project Manager for the development of R3 is in the CIS Alexey Blagirev. He said that the cooperation will be implemented with the support of industrial partners, including Avtodor, Qiwi and web.

The decision on R3 to open one of the development centers in Russia previously, said General Director Qiwi, head of the Association of financial technologies Sergey Solonin.

«On the basis of the International banking Institute (IBI), and Blockchain-commune (Center blockchain competencies Vnesheconombank) organized a consortium of universities that will develop and research technologies of distributed registries, including in the interest of R3. The consortium included a number of prominent universities, including MIPT, HSE, Mrs etc. the Center will work with the support of several well-known companies,» – said Bahirev.

According to the rector of MBI Sigovoe Mary, winter was formed consortium of universities, which in April as a structural unit of MBI started a competence Center for the blockchain. In summer, the leaders of the center are planning to sign a cooperation agreement with R3.

«In the framework of the NTI at the Center of competencies a commitment to international networking and exchange of experience with foreign colleagues. In this regard, the most important international partner for us will be R3, which have been already presented to Russia’s own blockchain platform Corda. Another project partner of the center is on the Russian side, we see the Association of FINTECH, which has developed its own platform «Mastercam,» said whitefish.

Among the objectives of the Centre: assessing the economic effect from the use of the blockchain in various industries, running projects based on this technology, and start-up fundamental research in the field of blockchain technology.

According to the authors of the projects they developed for the industrial partners, and some are already ready for piloting.

«The purpose of running R&D center is the integration of the science base and the business community to research the current problems of use of technology of distributed registries, the development of new platforms, as well as the creation of a joint infrastructure, such as centers for collective use of equipment. One of the key tasks will be to attempt to develop solutions for the interoperability of the various blockchain-based platforms, in particular, Corda and Mastercan» – said Bahirev.

According to him, the partnership with R3 will allow universities to access the research results of the consortium and will allow their academic staff to become members of the expert Council of the study group based on it.

«One of the tasks of the competence centres is to work for the implementation in Russia of new educational programs aimed at the formation of future professionals, who understand the features of the technological processes and the introduction of blockchain technology in various fields and industries. In the end, there should be new educational and professional standards,» concluded whitefish.

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