Blockchain-based Nova-Token Platform Set to Launch ICO

Digital card games are an untapped billion dollar market, with potential for further growth. In fact, this sector is projected to grow by 40 percent between 2017 and 2020. Up until now, there have been few advances to enhance online card gaming and buying. The Nova Blitz team is about to change that.

What is Nova Blitz?

Nova Blitz is a revolutionary real-time trading card game, with fast-paced gameplay, strategy, mind-games and bluffing. Participants play simultaneously and can react to each others’ every move in real-time. And, in combat, hidden attack and block orders let you bluff and counter-bluff your opponent.

Nova Blitz is live now on Steam, and in beta for both Android and iOS. Both Richard Garfield, the creator of Magic: The Gathering, and Skaff Elias, the creator of the Magic Pro Tour, provided consultation during the development of Nova Blitz.

What is the Nova Token Platform?

The Nova Token Platform is a Blockchain-based card gaming platform, where players can use Nova Token to create, sell and trade cards in any card game. Not only that, but players can also earn cards through a proof-of-stake concept. The platform enables users to trade cards, earn new ones and participate in tournaments.

Currently, players are only able to rent cards, the authenticity of these cards is questionable, they are difficult to sell or trade and players are not able to benefit financially from a centralized card-trading system. On Nova Token Platform, players can use Nova Token to own the cards and trade them freely, be assured that these cards are authentic and benefit from the decentralized nature of the platform.

Benefits for players and developers 

The platform goes beyond simply gaming and card trading, as it harnesses the advantages of Blockchain technology to provide enhanced security for the card trading and holding. It is the only platform where gamers will actually own their cards. Additionally, the decentralized nature of the platform allows players to partake in the profits, unlike its centralized counterparts.

Developers stand to benefit quite a bit from the innovative structure of the Nova Token Platform. First of all, they can earn up to 90 percent of the revenue from Nova Token sales. Second, they can integrate any game into the tournament and card trading infrastructure. Third, they have automatic access to the Nova Token Platform player base. Finally and most importantly, developers can be eligible for funding for their projects.

Proof-of-stake and card trading

This mechanism works for cards in the same way that it works for tokens. The more Nova Tokens a player holds, the more cards they can earn. A player is free to trade or sell these cards at 100 percent profit. This can be very profitable, as the supply of cards is capped since the number of copies of a particular card is limited when printed.

The Nova Token team is putting forward the Card Exchange, which is an Ethereum-based side chain that is designed to utilize the Plasma Platform when launched. Using the Card Exchange, participants can buy or sell cards, and the exchange will act as a mediator between buyer and seller to ensure the process was fair. In its second iteration, Card Exchange Version 2.0, the system will be upgraded to include an auction house system.

White paper and ICO

About a $100 mlln in annual revenue is expected between 2017 and 2020 from digital card gaming and trading. The Nova Token team has a number of advantages over their competitors, as they are providing an accessible, all-encompassing platform where users can play games and own their cards. Their highly skilled team includes some of the best in the gaming industry and they already have a live working game currently available on Steam, iOS and Android in beta. They explain their multi-phase growth roadmap in their white paper. Their token sale starts on Dec. 11.



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