Blockchain International Show will be held on 6-7 June in London

6-7 June, London will host the Blockchain International Show — one of Europe’s largest exhibitions and conferences devoted to the technology of the blockchain, cryptocurrencies and ICO. The exhibition area will gather leaders of kryptonyte and will present their developments.

The blockchain and cryptocurrency in Europe

Cryptocurrency and the blockchain remain in the focus of European regulators. So, Vice-President of the European Commission Valdis Dombrovskis (Valdis Dombrovskis) acknowledged the fact that the cryptocurrency market has become truly global, and the technology of the blockchain has great potential.

But despite the global popularity of digital assets in Europe, there is still no uniform approach to their regulation. European Central Bank President Mario Draghi (Mario Draghi) in February reported that the regulation of crypto-currencies is not included in the field activities of the ECB.

Therefore, the German authorities in March signed a decree according to which digital assets are equal to the means of payment in the tax sense. Now shop for cryptocurrencies in the country will not be taxed on capital outflows — they will apply only to VAT.

Follow European countries like Germany or find another way to manage digital assets? This question will be answered by the speakers Blockchain International Show:

  • Sally Eaves — Advisor to the Global Strategy, the Agency’s founder Sally Eaves Consultancy;

  • Bogdan Maslesa — founder of the consulting Agency Universal Crypto;

  • Iman Mutlaq — CEO of Sigma Investments;

  • Arnab Naskar — CEO SICOS (Lux) S. C. S.;

  • Spiros Margaris — venture capitalist, senior Advisor Arbidex;

  • Jimmy Nguyen — General Director of the Group nChain;

  • Michael Mainelli Executive Chairman Z/Yen Group;

  • Jan Sammut — Director General RefToken, cryptocurrency investor and Advisor ICO;

  • Kambiz Djafari — CEO and co-founder of;

  • Lex Sokolin, General Director of Fintech Strategy, partner at Autonomous Research, UK.

In addition, the speakers will discuss trends in the development of the technology of the blockchain and will share their experience of running their own high-tech business. Follow the program of the event on the Blockchain International Show and learn about new speakers and reports first.


Guests Blockchain International Show, a free exhibition. It will bring together 140 companies: suppliers of equipment for mining, blockchain developers, ICO projects, investment funds, trading and law firms. Each Exhibitor is ready to cooperate — a potential business partner or investor.

They will demonstrate the latest novelties: the developers are interested in software solutions, miners — powerful «iron» for farms and businesses — financial, technical and consulting services for all types of business.

Guests of the exhibition will get acquainted with the trends of kryptonyte, learn how and where to store cryptocurrency which is more profitable? how to earn on its trading and what cryptoprocta better to invest.

Registration and details — on the official website of the Blockchain International Show.

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