Blockchain-platform «Karma» starts cryptochiton 28 APR

Blockchain-a platform for p2p credit Karma launches hackathon with the goal of bringing the best of the best developers in the country. The winners will receive $5000 tokens and a place in the team of the project.

To become a member, you need to register to the hackathon, by submitting an application on the website until April 27. The first online phase will start on April 28 at 9: 00 Moscow time. Four top ten developers will be selected for the second offline stage, which will take place in Moscow on may 12-13. It details the organizers will inform the participants personally. Nonresident developers will pay for travel and accommodation.

According to technical Director of «Karma» Denis Svinarchuk, holding blockchain hackathon will bring together the blockchain community.

«Our hackathon will help build a strong and harmonious community blockchain coders. We will select the best developers, who are able to see the Matrix and are not afraid of an overdose of coffee, programming for 20 hours straight. And we, for its part, is ready to consider carefully every participant and to help develop the talents of,» explained Denis Svinarchuk.

Full list of conditions of participation in the hackathon can be found here.

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