Blockchain Technology: Buying Two for the Price of One

Blockchain and digital currency is offering investors the opportunity to diversify their investments in ways that have never existed and at levels that haven’t been imagined until now.

Acquiring precious metals both as real and virtual assets is an opportunity that Golden Alliance through its innovative technology is making available to the public.

A stable consortium of companies

GOLDEN ALLIANCE is an international investment group of mining and consulting companies established with a view of gaining profits resulting from the implementation of gold and other mining investment projects and increasing revenues of investors by raising the real value of assets and their liquidity.

Golden Alliance has existed over several years as a regular mining establishment and has gained considerable experience in managing mining projects, which receive investments in exploration, evaluation and development of solid mineral fields, primarily gold, as well as in development and integration of innovative technologies in mining and processing industries.

The activities of the company include choosing and purchasing investment attractive facilities of subsoil use (enterprises, fields and promising deposits), implementing investment projects based thereon on the establishment of efficient enterprises, managing these projects and raising funds for their implementation.

Blockchain enables asset diversification

By being introduced into the crypto market through an ICO Golden Alliance offers investors the diversification of opportunities. These investors can now both profit by holding unto gold assets or other precious metals, and also benefit from the price volatility of the cryptocurrency market.

This is possible through blockchain implementation and creation of the Golden Alliance tokens (GDA).

These coins will have their own quotations, and their value will depend not only on the value of gold they will be made from, but also on the value of Golden Alliance tokens (GDA) at the cryptocurrency exchanges. Thus, the value of Golden Alliance tokens (GDA) should not be lower than the value of its golden equivalent.

The company’s mission

In other to achieve its goals, the Golden Alliance Group of Companies upholds a mission to ensure income growth for all participants in investment projects through effective use of raw material, material and intellectual assets of the company, as well as technical, economic and scientific capacities in compliance with best standards of corporate management.

The establishment plans to achieve this by:

  • The construction and launch of gold mining enterprises at gold fields belonging to the group in various regions.  
  • Creation of highly efficient mining companies based on available assets with a view of capitalizing their cost by means of receiving access to international capital markets.
  • Investing into the development of the most liquid and promising fields.  
  • Preparation and implementation of the mining investment projects in compliance with international standards.  
  • Supporting and development of international standards on cooperative management.
  • Preparation of projects for receiving access to international capital markets.

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