Blockchain-the game Cryptococci raised $12 million venture capital

Purring on the blockchain sounds louder. Studio Axiom Zen, publisher Cryptonomicon – November sensation and causes network congestion, Ethereum, identified the cat project into a separate company, just received $12 million from venture capital.

The list of participants is headed by such fat cats venture funding as Andreessen Horowitz and Union Square Venture investor who founded Facebook, Twitter and Coinbase.

The round was attended by prominent angel investors, including co-founder of Coinbase Fred Arsam (Fred Ehrsam), founder of the Token Summit William Mougayar (William Mougayar), CEO of AngelList Nawal Ravikant and top Manager Tinder Jeff Morris (Jeff Morris).

In January, Axiom Zen in conjunction with game developer, Animoca Brands has announced the beginning of expansion to the markets of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. In addition, Axion has launched a localized Chinese app market Cryptococci on iOS, even though only in a version for 5000 users (no one wants a new overload).

It is interesting that the Chinese regulators are quite strict cost with cryptocurrencies, it is not at least admit to your market Cryptonomicon. The reason for this is that Axion Zen was able to convince the controlling instance that Cryptococci are not a cryptocurrency, and are objects of collecting.

Answering the question of the portal Venturebeat, co-founder Cryptococcal Bruce Blaydon said:

Cryptococci is NOT a cryptocurrency and we got confirmation from the local regulators that they are NOT securities

Despite the incessant hype since the start and solid pace, the cat’s gameplay and graphics has not changed – obviously, the developers are focusing on integrating one of the solutions scaling. With high probability it can be sidechained Loom or the first version of the channels state.

The success of cats has generated a lot of followers – and unicorns, and even erotic pictures CryptoTitties, but closer to the leader failed to anyone.

From a technical point of view, of the analogues may be of interest is that the project Etheremon, an analog of hunting for pokémon on Ethereum. The creators plan to integrate it in the project virtual reality Ethereum Decentraland. If the project proves successful, it may be an excellent demonstrator of the possibilities of smart contracts.

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