Blockchainer Karneval will be held may 21-22 in Singapore

Blockchainer invites key industry players to join the event The Blockchainer Karneval, which will be held in Singapore on 21-22 may. The summit was created for professionals in the field of blockchain, and for those interested in this technology people, businesses and institutions to help them establish innovative businesses, to study the technology of the blockchain and to encourage its use.

Participants Blockchainer Karneval expect:

  • With representatives of more than a dozen of the most influential social networks which will influence the development of technology in the next decade.

  • More than two dozen proposals of partnerships for the exchange of digital assets;

  • More than three dozen countries and representatives from various advertising resources;

  • More than fifty of the best venture capitalists, who understand the quality of programs ICO;

  • Fifty famous media covering the technology of the blockchain and related events.

  • More than a thousand participants, including more than 100 guests who will create an atmosphere of constructive debate;

  • 2 main forum and 4 sub-forums for the exchange of ideas and competition. ICO;

  • More than fifty luxurious booths with food industry and equipment for tokens.

Speakers of the event:

  • Di Deng — international League of the digital economy, Chairman;

  • Xinxing Duan — Bytom, co-founder and Executive President;

  • David Lee — Singapore University of social Sciences, FinTech and blockchain expert;

  • Lianjin Huang — Distributed Business Applications, the Director-General;

  • Donald Gao — Dragonmind Capital Group, Chairman;

  • Jay Zhou — Loopring, Director of marketing;

  • Davis Zhang — AiFC, Executive Director;

  • Steve Chen — Blockchain Berkeley Lab Director;

  • Frank Zheng — global blockchain organization’s chief economist.

You can register on the event website.

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