Blockchainhouse conducting recruitment projects for their acceleration

The company Blockchainhouse together with the project team Storiqa, St. Petersburg Association of blockchain experts «BEA» and the ITMO University is conducting recruitment projects for their acceleration and assistance in «packaging» ICO , the best projects will receive:

  • the initial investment;

  • free legal assistance at all stages of the ICO;

  • free traffic from major international CPA net.

  • professional foreign advisers to the project;

  • a preliminary agreement on listing several of the Asian crypto-exchanges;

  • consultations of the best specialists in the field of marketing ICO;

  • holding a roadshow in Asia and the United States;

  • familiarity with cryptopodum ICO-pools;

  • the possibility of integrating in the project; and many more.

Projects will be selected according to several parameters:

  • projects with a ready MVP

  • command not less than 5 people

  • the experience of running IT startups

  • unique idea

  • If you are ready MVP no, but you think it’s an innovative idea that will change the world, you can also participate in the selection.

    The application should indicate the name of the project, its website (if no website — WP) to specify your email and phone number.

    The competition results will be announced on June 30.

    To participate in acceleration have until June 1 to leave a request on the website and subscribe to the telegram channel.

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