Blockstream has released the first app for Lightning Network

On 22 March, the company Blockstream released their first app for the network of Lightning (LApp). This is the first of seven developments for the Lightning Network, issued within weeks LApp in Blockstream.

Network Lightning allows you to make micropayments in bitcoin, while providing low transaction fees. Earlier this year, Blockstream has already submitted Lightning Charge — processing system of micropayments with the use of a Lightning Network.

Now the company has released the first LApp FileBazaar
— the tool of electronic Commerce for content creators. The authors who produce the materials in digital forms — video, documents or photos you can use the app FileBazaar that allows you to micropayments in bitcoin for their creations.

The creators can fully dispose of the fate of your content is to set prices, add multiple files and identify your server Lightning Charge in a simple configuration file. Thanks FileBazaar LApp and the system of payment for viewing, users have the opportunity to see examples of the files of the author before you get access to other content through micropayment to Lightning to Lightning Charge server Creator.

Applications the authors believe that with the advent of FileBazaar will be a sharp change in the dynamics of the Internet to content creators. In the past the authors completely dependent on advertising revenue – they need to work through the platform of online advertising. However FileBazaar the authors are able to do business without intermediaries. This will give them the opportunity to take control of the pay-per-view of its content. While FileBazaar allows the user to directly contact the author of the materials – they can at any time to purchase the content from its Creator, simply by sending an instant micropayment.

The only problem which cannot be solved through this app — the fight against piracy, as having received the content, the buyer will be able to dispose of them, and the mechanisms for combating illegal distribution of content in decentralized networks will not be soon.

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