Blockstream runs the system for processing micropayments with the use of a Lightning Network

Blockstream, the company runs the processing system of micropayments, which simplifies the creation of payment applications, using the technology of Lightning Network. The system is called Lightning Charge – it is complementary to the «c-lightning», an existing implementation of the Lightning Network from Blockstream, aims to make life easier for developers creating payment applications on the basis of Lightning, the company said.

The Blockstream blog says:

«Together, these additions make it easier for developers to use c-lightning to create their own independent infrastructure of web payments.»

Lightning Charge is written in node.js and its functions can be accessed via the API using JavaScript libraries and PHP, which are part of Blockstream project Elements.

«Web developers will be available for advanced functionality such as currency conversion, metadata, accounts and streaming the updates of payments», — is spoken in the blog.

To showcase its technology, Blockstream also announced the launch of the online store that runs on Lightning Charge and enables the use of micropayments Lightning in a network of Bitcoin. However, since Lightning is still in the testing phase, the company noted that it is possible to use «at your own risk».

Despite the fact that Lightning Network is still not ready for widespread use, it is today one of the most expected solutions for scaling Bitcoin. Instead of having to change the underlying code of Bitcoin, the Lightning adds to the network an additional layer, through which transaction will be performed outside of the blockchain is cheaper and faster than the Bitcoin blockchain, as they will not require confirmation in a block.

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