Blogger Bitfinex’ed hired a lawyer to fight Bitfinex

Bitfinex’ed — anonymous blogger and critic cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex, has hired a prominent lawyer because of the protracted dispute with the company.

Stephen Palli (Stephen Palley), partner of the law firm in Washington, sent Monday a letter to the chief lawyer Bitfinex Stuart Hegner (Stuart Hoegner). In the letter Palli warned that in case of detection of connection of the exchange with the threats that got his client, the inevitable «legal consequences». Palli wrote:

«As you know, there continue to be threats to user @bitfinex’ed. If we learn that your client is directly or indirectly responsible for these threats or if any harm will be caused @bitfinex’ed as a result of these threats, prepare for the legal consequences.»

Job Palli with the blogger began in December, when Bitfinex publicly threatened
lawsuits against Bitfinex’ed. Blogger hired a lawyer back then, but still have not resorted to its services. Last year Bitfinex’ed said that someone suggested a five-digit amount for personal information about him.

The blogger writes a detailed critical message on the exchange since August last year. Many of them were focused on the relationship between Bitfinex and Tether. Exchange long denied any connection with the Tether, but in December was forced to admit it. Rebuttal other nominated blogger of the charges had also not been provided.

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