Blue Trading Platform – What’s Special About It?

Back in 2012, when the cryptocurrency started gaining attention — the early days of cryptocurrency boom, investors started looking for exchange platforms for trading the digital currencies. However, the dearth of quality platform created a dire need for such platforms that can provide the most comprehensive, secure and faster trading experience while considering both fiat as well as cryptocurrencies.

And,  Blue Trading — a decentralized, cryptocurrency exchange platform is one such platform introduced at that time which could offer everything the potential users were looking for and much more. The platform was created Richard Anderson, along with a team consisting of certified traders to offer a secure and reliable option to profitably trade fiat, cryptocurrencies and commodities at a time. This managed account platform acts as oone-stop-shopboth for individual and institutional investors globally.

What’s special about it? Here is the review.

The Background

Blue Trading prides to hold an extensive background in the Finance industry. The key focus of Blue Trading, initially, was institutional investors. All of their original manual systems and algorithms were formed focusing on large, professional institutional investors.

In order to capture the opportunities arising as result of Cryptocurrency/FX boom in 2016, Blue Trading started offering exchange services to retail trading clients across the world. The company currently enjoys thousands of investors from 31 countries, hedging their investment risks and diversifying their investment portfolio with Blue Trading’s sophisticated and well-researched trading strategies.

The certified and award winning traders at Blue Trading carry out advanced research of the world’s largest financial markets that enables them to use specialized and actionable trading systems and achieve targeted returns for their clients consistently.

Cryptocurrency Trading Experience Made Easy

Blue Trading Platform provides a simple trading solution to all investors through its Managed Account platform. Investors enjoy 24/7 access to their account and see its growth in real-time. They don’t have to make trade execution decision themselves. At present, the platform offers FX/Currency, Bitcoin/Cryptocurrencies and Commodity Trading, all together.

Low-Cost Trading Platform

If you are interested to trade over a secure and efficient cryptocurrency exchange platform but afraid of heavy fees and administration charges, Blue Trading nullifies all your fears. The platform doesn’t charge anything in the name of administration or management, unlike other exchange or trading platforms. Investors just have to pay a performance fee i.e. 18% of their annual net profits. The VIP account holders pay even lesser, i.e. 14%, gaining impressive profits. For tax concerned investors, Blue Trading has nothing to do with any client’s tax liabilities nor it provides any legal/tax consultation.

Given its simplified, secure and diversified trading exchange structure, Blue Trading seems especially suitable for beginners, along with institutional investors. To know more about the platform and start trading, please visit






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