Bobby Lee: «95% of all ICO projects – common database»

Co-founder of the Chinese cryptocurrency exchanges BTCC Bobby Lee (Bobby Lee) may 30, made another statement about centralized blockchains, comparing them to «databases.»

In a series of tweets
If repeated recent comments cryptocurrency expert Andreas Antonopoulos (Andreas Antonopoulos), relating to the low attractiveness of centralized blockchains.

«People don’t understand that the blockchain should be different from the databases invented decades ago!», he wrote. «The real blockchain Bitcoin was only created in 2009. And many people use a digital registry and call it bloccano, regardless of its functionality. That’s the real trick!»

Criticism of the block chain is a topical issue of debate for the last month. Speaking at a conference in Poland, Antonopoulos said technology without the principles of decentralization is a «bad database».

After some time Jimmy’s song (Jimmy Song) and Jonathan Corgan (Johnathan Corgan) addressed the problem of the inability of the users of cryptocurrencies to distinguish between the «fashionable stories about the blockchain» from the real innovation. This song told the conference Consensus 2018 in new York.

«…Perhaps due to the fact that in the industry a lot of beginners, or due to the fact that users are not completely sure of themselves, they think they lack something. And so they politely agree with any nonsense, ignoring your doubts», — he commented on this issue.

This supported the view of Antonopoulos and added that «95% of all ICO, claiming that they blockchain projects, actually – a common database».

«All the data coming into the blockchain, should be independent and publicly verifiable and, therefore, may be added by any user», — he said and added that projects of type database «sucks».

This week, the Chinese Academy of information and communication technology published a study which claims that 92% of all created blockchain projects already rested in the Lord, and their average life cycle is no more than a year. This study can be considered indirect confirmation of the theses Lee and Antonopolous. Projects that do not offer a unique system, and are ordinarily databases, are unlikely to survive for long in the emerging markets, that does not prevent them to earn on gullible users.

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