BP is considering cooperation with blockchain companies

Multinational oil and gas company BP (British Petroleum) is considering the possibility of cooperation with the blockchain startups, the conductive ICO, and even generates an internal token listings. This was announced by Director of technology, BP’s digital innovation Julian gray, speaking on the Blockchain Expo in London.

According to him, non-financial businesses may be more open to innovation associated with the technology of the blockchain, than their competitors from the financial services sector.

«We haven’t worked with public bloccano, but that doesn’t mean we won’t work with him. We have developed a proof of concept and used the tokens as an internal asset of the project is to transfer the cost,» said gray.

BP the necessary experience in this field, he admits. However, even in the early stages of exploring the technology understand that the blockchain, even open – it’s not just «hackers».

Gray said that although his Department needs no funding, he is willing to work with other projects that have gone the way of the ICO – maybe not soon, but «ever start».

The moderator of the meeting Lewis Cohen, partner at the law firm Hogan Lovells, said that it was interesting to hear such words from a representative of a company like BP.

While the financial services industry has demonstrated a greater resistance to everything connected with ICO or public bloccano, representatives of the corporate world more receptive to these technologies, says Cohen.

«These technologies are following in my path. At some point we begin to interact with them,» he concluded.

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