British intelligence Agency GCHQ monitors bitcoin

The British government communications Centre (Government Communications Headquarters, GCHQ) intelligence Agency, which is engaged in electronic intelligence and provides information security bodies of the government and the army, closely followed bitcoin.

For GCHO bitcoin is not something new, but the rapid growth of the cryptocurrency in recent months has made the intelligence Agency once again to pay attention to it.

According to the Deputy head of the national cyber security Chris Ensor, the British government Department instructed the Agency to study the risks posed by bitcoin:

«We are interested in everything that has a great impact on the citizens of the country. So bitcoin is now the most important thing for us,» he said.

GCHO is studying bitcoin from every possible angle: how cryptocurrency works, the opportunities to use the technology of the blockchain, as well as the potential threat that bitcoin poses to the monetary system of the country.

Among the units with which it cooperates GCHO, is Her Majesty’s Treasury – the British equivalent of the US Federal reserve. Recently it became known that the Treasury plans to regulate cryptocurrency.

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