Calling Top Traders- Coindash Looking for Smart Strategies with #MoonTrader Campaign

Coindash has launched the #MoonTrader challenge, a campaign to find successful investors willing to share their strategies with the rest of the community.

Every crypto trader is looking for the same thing. It doesn’t matter if they are just getting started and own just a small amount of an individual coin, or if they are more experienced and hold a bunch of different coins and tokens or use multiple wallets. Eventually, every trader wants to make money.

Of course, this is easier said than done. The token space is still young and changing rapidly, with tokens going up and down in value all the time. But, with blockchain tokens, those changes in value are accelerated by the overwhelmingly fast innovation and adoption happening in the space. That’s why it’s so important for traders to have access to reliable sources of information and analysis that helps them make sense of all of these changes. Moreover, one of the main difficulties today for traders (newcomers and vets alike) is the ability to view their entire portfolio that consists of different exchanges and wallets in one single place.

In order to help solve some of these problems, Coindash has launched the #MoonTrader challenge, a campaign to find successful investors willing to share their strategies with the rest of the community. CoinDash is a multi-coin dashboard that lets investors monitor their portfolio across multiple tokens, exchanges, and wallets. With the #MoonTrader challenge, the company is hoping to inspire successful investors to share their analytical skills and demonstrate their ability to provide advice for other traders. The campaign involves two rounds designed to identify skilled traders with unique insights into the crypto market.

The challenge itself is quite simple. Traders are invited to complete a survey that demonstrates that they understand the market, and can create a unique strategy that produces consistent results. After selecting a small number of finalists from those who complete the survey, they will be tasked with writing an article that lays out their strategy and advice for achieving strong results.

A small number of winning traders will be picked, who along with having their post shared with the Coindash community and beyond, will be rewarded with 10,000 CoinDash Tokens (CDT).

In a statement about the contest, Coindash COO, Adam Efrima said,

“We think this campaign provides a unique opportunity to the token trading community that goes beyond a simple promotion. Not only will the winners be rewarded with our token, but other users will also be able to gain valuable insights and learn new ways to grow and manage their portfolios. We really hope that this campaign will help spark a new trend in the Crypto space, where users help each other out and strengthen the community. We think we can play an important role in making that happen.”

The idea of tasking campaign participants with the creation of an analytical post seems like an interesting approach and one that could help reveal some valuable perspectives on trading from individuals who have invested a great deal of time and effort in it. Of course, some traders may be reluctant to share their secrets with others. But as a community, campaigns like this and other efforts to help spread valid and trustworthy advice about token trading could help grow and strengthen the number of people investing in tokens. That is something that everyone should be able to support. If you think you’ve got the trading chops, you can enter the campaign here.  You can also join CoinDash’s Telegram channel to receive updates about the competition details, winner announcements etc.

Submissions for the Coindash #MoonTrader Campaign will close on October 2, 2017.

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