Cambodia announced the release of the state of cryptocurrency Entapay

Government of Cambodia, inspired by the example of Venezuela, was also thinking about releasing «private cryptocurrency». In a press release, the upcoming summit of ASEAN 2018 BlockChain, which will take place on 7 March in Phnom Penh, said that the event is expected to be «significant» announcement about the release of the new means of payment called Entapay.

According to organizers, the project after launching it has the ability to «replace» payment giants such as VISA.

«It is expected that Entapay will be the link between the implementation of payments in bitcoin and the real world. She’s got great potential to even replace VISA as the new mass system of payments», they claim.

Run provided oil the Venezuelan Petro cryptocurrency happened
at the end of February and has caused mixed reaction of the world community. Soon after, the government declared that the first day sold tokens Petro 735 million dollars, and introduces them to the real turnover of the state, while many doubt that the country managed to extract at least some benefit.

In their statements, the authorities noted that many countries are interested in buying Petro for trade with Venezuela. However, Poland, which was included in the list of «interested» countries according to the Venezuelan government rejected
your interest in the cryptocurrency. Nevertheless, Turkey and Iran decided to catch the wave and hastened to declare that it is also considering the possibility of creating its own cryptocurrency, in particular, to the example of Venezuela to circumvent Western sanctions.

The Cambodian government, meanwhile, directly links your inspiration with a pitch of Venezuela, meaning «to follow her example» when the issue of tokens Entapay.

«On 20 February, the Venezuelan government started the presale of the state of digital currency called the Petro. Its purpose is to assist the country to bypass the economic sanctions of the Western world and provide a new channel for economic development for the country suffering from high inflation», — stated in a press release. «Other countries can also follow suit, including Cambodia».

Last week the tiny Pacific state of the Marshall Islands said
on issue own cryptocurrency. The token is called Sovereign (SOV) will walk in the country along with the US dollar and serve to provide social benefits to the population of approximately 53 000 people.

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