Cameron Winklevoss: once the price of bitcoin will rise 40 times

One of the two brothers-billionaires, Cameron Winklevoss (Cameron Winklevoss), the summit MENA СNBC said that bitcoin will be worth more in 30-40 times, as the world gold market has about 7 trillion dollars. And today, when the cost of the most popular cryptocurrency has dropped, it is time to buy.

Cameron Winklevoss (Cameron Winklevoss):

«If you look today at a market capitalization, measured 100 billion dollars, last week it was more like 200. This is actually a buying opportunity — we believe that there is a potential rating in 30-40 times. View today on the gold market, is a market of 7 trillion dollars. And many people are starting to see. And we think that, regardless of price fluctuations over the past few weeks, it [bitcoin] is still very undervalued asset.»

Accurate forecasts billionaire not announced, but noted that he and his brother see promising growth in the area of 10-20 years.

Earlier, Cameron Winklevoss suggested the price increase of bitcoin 20 times and compared the bitcoin with gold, drawing a parallel with the precious metals market.

Cameron Winklevoss (Cameron Winklevoss):

«Taking bitcoin itself, we believe that bitcoin undermines gold. We think he is better than gold, if you look at the properties of money. What makes gold gold? Deficit. Reserves of bitcoin is actually recorded, so it is more than scarce, it is more portable, multifunctional, more durable. His nature better than gold in all directions».

The stock market is volatile, and today many businesses to speak about the fate of bitcoin. The world’s largest investor, the richest man on the planet Warren Buffett predicts digital assets bad ending, CEO of JP Morgan Jamie Dimon called bitcoin a fraud, representatives of Goldman Sachs believe that the cryptocurrency market is reduced to zero. These critics objected to the second of the brothers Winklevoss – Tyler (Tyler Winklevoss), saying that they lack imagination.

At the time of writing, according to CoinMarketCap, the market capitalization of most popular cryptocurrencies reached 140 billion dollars. If you believe the forecast Cameron Winklevoss, this figure can reach 5.5 trillion dollars.

At the end of 2017, the Winklevoss brothers became known as the world’s first known cryptocurrency billionaires. In the ranking of Forbes cryptophane the twins began the fourth with a 0.9-1.1 billion.

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