Can Stellar to overcome the barrier of $ 1 in 2018?

Stellar Lumens (XLM) is now the eighth-largest cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of about 5.6 billion dollars. At the moment the price is hovering around 30 cents, but just a year ago XLM was worth less than one cent.

In connection with such rapid growth, many began to wonder whether Stellar to surpass the mark of $ 1, as did its progenitor, and now a competitor to Ripple in 2017. There are a number of factors indicating that the cryptocurrency could cost more than one dollar. Here are some of them.

1. Recently they almost got it

Price XLM reached a record high of 90 cents on 3 January 2018, but quickly lost their positions. But the fact of this growth suggests that the next major upgrade of the cryptocurrency market coin can overcome the barrier of one dollar.

2. A growing number of exchanges that support Stellar

Before Stellar could be bought only on the three major exchanges: Poloniex, Kraken and Bittrex. Now, however, this cryptocurrency available on other platforms, including Binance, CEX and Gate. The increase in the number of exchanges offering Stellar, with an increase in demand will help push the coin price to around $ 1. The easier it is to buy and sell cryptocurrency, the more people interested in her.

3. New partners

In 2017, the team’s Stellar start to cooperate with more new partners who will help to extend the use of XLM. Among them SatoshiPay, EXCH One GMBH, Pundi X MoneyMatch, NeoFrame, Streaml and SureRemit.

One only cooperation with SatoshiPay can significantly improve the performance Stellar. SatoshiPay processor of micropayments, which allows contributors of content (news articles, videos, etc.) to monetize their work. Of course, still far from the Stellar success of Ripple, signed partnership agreements with dozens of banks and payment systems, but its adoption is gradually increasing.

4. The growing popularity of the platform for ICO

The Ethereum has become the most popular platform for running and conduct of the ICO. This is largely due to the fact that smart contracts and DApps is relatively easy to create in the Ethereum blockchain. However, Stellar is a platform that is increasingly used for the ICO. From Stellar has a built-in decentralized exchange, which makes it easy to convert different tokens and cryptocurrencies. In addition, transactions on the Stellar network are made faster compared to Ethereum – they only take about five seconds, while the transaction Ethereum is about 3.5 minutes.

All these factors make the platform attractive for Stellar ICO who can’t get to the lists of the major exchanges, and are looking for an alternative to Ethereum. Stellar Lumens, like Ethereum, allows you to create smart contracts. Thus, there is a very high probability that Stellar will be the next major platform ICO. Some sources even predict that it may come to the fore in 2018.


Price XLM increased sharply in 2017, but has not reached the level of one dollar. However, there is a strong likelihood that the currency will be able to overcome historical milestone in 2018 – even in the next few months. In addition, another important question remains – will Stellar all these factors to compete with Ripple?

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