Canada will not change the taxation of bitcoin and have been doing digital identity in the blockchain

Canada unveiled a prototype of a schema of the digital identity of the travelers and refused to change the rules of the taxation of bitcoin, which has become known at the world economic forum (WEF) in Davos. On Monday, the Minister of Finance of Canada bill Morneau (Morneau Bill) said that the government has «no plans» to change the approach to cryptocurrency in the framework of the legislation of the country.

«We do not plan to change its position in relation to bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies,» he said to Bloomberg.

This approach contrasts sharply with other statements of the officials of the country. In December, the head of the Central Bank of Canada Stephen S. Poloz (Stephen S. Poloz) has named bitcoin one of the things which «prevents him from sleeping at night» and warned against investments in cryptocurrencies. In addition, the WEF Poloz also said that the cryptocurrency trading can be compared to gambling.

Instead of pin the strict regulation of cryptocurrencies, as in South Korea, rather Morneau spoke in support of the British Prime Minister Theresa may (Theresa May) and the Minister of Finance of great Britain Stephen Mnuchin (Steven Mnuchin), which focused
on the illicit use of bitcoin in the deliberations of the WEF last week.

Morneau has pledged to «make sure we understand what is happening in this market to avoid risks for our economy – whether it be money laundering or financing of terrorism».

At the same time, the government of Canada used the event in Davos to officially announce the creation of a schema of the digital identity of travelers on the basis of the blockchain in partnership with Accenture.

«A system called «Digital identity» travelers uses biometric data, cryptography and the technology of distributed registry is to give travelers the opportunity to share your information with authorities before travelling to fast track the necessary administrative procedures», — is spoken in the official press release.

The statement also said that the project is implemented jointly with the government of the Netherlands. Transport Minister Marc Garneau (Marc Garneau) said:

«Innovation is the key to increasing global competitiveness, mobility and productivity. The use of new technological advances will help to make air transportation more efficient while improving the convenience of travellers».

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