Canadian Bunz platform launches bitcoin BTZ

The canadian platform for online trade and barter Bunz Trading Zone launches its own cryptocurrency BTZ.

Platform Bunz was created in 2013 by fashion designer Emily Bitza (Emily Bitze) as a private Facebook group to exchange unused stuff with friends. The community grew rapidly and spread beyond Facebook and Toronto. In 2016, was launched the web site and the app Bunz.

According to the Globe and Mail, the growth of the platform due to the ease of use and lack of cash in the calculations. However, the lack of currency in the barter platform was also considered a major gap for Bunz because without the exchange of currency is not «obvious revenue stream».

According to the project blog, each user will receive 1000 Bunz BTZ, which can be spent on goods and services or just share them between participants of the platform. 1000 original BTZ will cost «enough for about three cups of coffee.»

«Now we are able to give people the cryptocurrency, which they earned as a result of their passive participation in the network, we can allow sharing between peers and merchants. This gives us the opportunity to create new models, which, perhaps, no one thought,» – said on the website of the company.

Create your own cryptocurrency will also allow you to bring on Board more users, the number of which at the moment has reached about 200,000.

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