Canadian TD Bank patent blockchain-based system for the tracking of assets

One of the largest banks of Canada is considering the use of the open blockchain for digital asset tracking.

In the application
the patent, published last week, TD Bank describes how it plans to use the public distributed registry to help retail outlets keep track of transactions. In his scheme, the computers would create blocks of data in which are stored information about the assets they sold, their cost and the transaction. The application was filed in September 2016 and it is unclear, did the Bank to bring this project to life.

In the application it is noted that one of the advantages of the technology of the blockchain is the public able to view the contents and ownership of the asset. This system will allow anyone to verify the transaction, and the use of decentralized platforms minimizes the risk of falsification of registry data.

Banks around the world began to pay more attention to the technology of the blockchain. Recently it became known that the Bank of England tests
technology in the system of internal payments, and the largest Bank of Poland will keep
client data in the blockchain.

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