Capitalization of bitcoin exceeded the capitalization of the VISA

The world’s largest payment system, Visa is constantly contrasted with bitcoin the cryptocurrency. First and foremost is, of course, concerned the speed and throughput of the network. These parameters bitcoin is still hopelessly lost. However, he was able to hit (albeit formal) on the other hand.

Since the beginning of December the exchange rate of bitcoin continues rapid growth: in just one day on 6 December, the price increased by 2 thousand dollars, but for December 7 — by 3 thousand (excluding the peaks in the individual exchanges, where there were the minimum of $5 000 during the day)! Some Korean exchanges, the price converted at the official exchange rate of the won reached 20 thousand dollars!

This explosive growth was facilitated by the fact that more and more people want to own bitcoin. On maximum market capitalization of bitcoin approached $300 billion, and at the time of publication is around 274 billion. Thus, it exceeded the market capitalization of the global payment system VISA, which is 252.74 billion.

While bitcoin managed to surpass VISA only by capitalization, if this comparison can be considered correct (up to a quarter of bitcoins that contributed to capitalization, may be irretrievably lost). And 500,000 daily transactions of bitcoin do not go to any comparison with the 150 millions of transactions from VISA.

The bitcoin exchange rate is now very rapidly changing, and nobody can say what will be the course in the day, week or month. However, most market players are confident that the course will continue to grow. Moreover, 10 and 18 December to take over major US financial institutions like the CME and the CBOE which enable the futures for bitcoin.

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