Cash Shuffle: a Protocol for privacy in Bitcoin Cash

Cash Shuffle released the Protocol for Bitcoin Cash, the purpose of which is the addition of privacy features in the transaction BCH. The technology works on the principle of «mixer» and allows the BCH user to «confuse» their transactions, by integrating with other users Cash Shuffle.

Anonymous projects and privacy is a very hot topic. Users of the BCH should evaluate new development, because it is different from popular services mixing cryptocurrency that involve the credibility of the operator and considerable cost.

Cash Shuffle – it’s open source, written in Go language, it does not include additional fees and counterparty risk, and hosted on Github.

According to information on the website, Coin Shuffle – a great Protocol for joint transactions, which participants have already been selected. However, it does not provide any tools to create such groups. Cash Shuffle based on the Shuffle of Coin and adds the corresponding service. Thus, it is more complete and useful record.

The server as individual members, also knows which input corresponds to the output. The server cannot steal the money in the realization of the random playback, because the transactions are signed by the client only if they are valid.

«I’m glad the development of protocols focused on privacy. The anonymity and interchangeability go hand in hand and are vital for cryptocurrency – free people living in a free society should have the right to inviolability of private life,» said Ronald of Futbol (Jonald Fyookball) on whose behalf are distributed and signed binary files Electron Cash — Bitcoin wallet for Cash.

According to the discussions in forums and social networks, community BCH also a pretty project that adds privacy to the ecosystem.

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