CBOE and CME Group can produce higher air and litecoin

Two exchanges commodity derivatives from Chicago, CBOE and CME, who are the first in the world of regulated platforms starting from derivatives of bitcoin, also considering the launch of futures on live and litecoin. This information, while not having official confirmation, appeared yesterday in the American media.

The launch of futures on bitcoin should theoretically fix the value of cryptohalite as a new asset class. Successful trading in futures and options on bitcoin almost makes inevitable the emergence of similar contracts at other major crypto currencies, and primarily on the air and litecoin.

This intention confirms the readiness of the closest competitors of bitcoin to follow him: only in the last 24 hours broadcast increased by more than 30%, the litecoin by almost 80%.

Rumors about the launch of futures on ether and heated litecoin cryptocurrency market players quickly piled on stocks altcoins. The dominance of the BTC on cryptocurrency markets in the last days fell to 59%, compared to 67% of the total market capitalisation last Friday.

Representatives of the CBOE and the CME has not yet commented on the possibility of launching futures in the air and litecoin.

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