CBR allows the resolution in Russia, the mining of cryptocurrencies

The Bank of Russia considers expedient to allow in Russia, mining of cryptocurrencies – but do not exchange them, said the first Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank Olga Skorobogatova at the annual meeting of the Central Bank with bankers.

According to her, the regulator believes that cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange and investing carry a high risk to the economy and to population and business, so allow her metabolism and thus contribute to its promotion on the territory of Russia is too risky, reminded Skorobogatova. The mining of cryptocurrencies, the Central Bank applies on the whole positive.

«Mining in Russia we propose to allow, but it is to such organizations that will engage in this activity, we propose to apply those rules and approaches that we apply to other entities that are engaged in other activities. From the point of view of taxation, monitoring and reporting forms will be disclosed in further regulations. The question of how the miners will trade what they namimili remains controversial. We as the Bank of Russia believe that they should not do in Russia. We have a lot of proposals from commercial and non-profit organizations who believe that this can be resolved,» – said Skorobogatova.

Obviously, to organize this exchange is quite simple. Recall that a subsidiary of Sberbank, Sberbank CIB, working under Swiss jurisdiction — a few days ago announced the intention to provide corporate clients the opportunity to trade cryptocurrencies.

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