CBR: damage from theft of the cryptocurrency from the beginning of 2018 in the world amounted to $ 1.36 billion

The damage from the theft of cryptocurrency – directly theft or fraudulent ICO – 2018 total $1.36 billion, said the head of the Department of financial technologies, Bank of Russia Alisa Melnikova, speaking at the Moscow exchange forum.

«From the beginning of 2018 in the world committed 22 major fraudulent schemes using digital of financial assets cryptocurrency. Stolen about $1.36 billion in bitcoin, or $23 million a day. In January only exchange CoinCheck stolen more than $420 million,» she said, referring to the available Central Bank statistics.

The head of Mosberg Alexander Afanasyev compared the regulatory sandbox, including one that creates a Central Bank for testing and developing the regulation of new financial technologies, with a swimming pool without water.

According to her, while the market is clearly interested in a practical application of some technologies, for example, crypto-currencies, they are not market transactions.

«I strongly object to be called «sandbox» without the cryptocurrency pool without water. It is rather a barrel of honey fly in the ointment» – said Melnikov.

Authorities in many countries are still very wary of cryptocurrencies because of the possibilities for fraud with them.

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