CCI has proposed to introduce miners for a patent with a fixed payment

Enter the patent for mining cryptocurrency with a fixed payment – this release sees the chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation (RF CCI), told reporters Maxim Fateev, Vice-President of the chamber of Commerce.

In turn, the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation proposes to levy taxes on cryptocurrency mining on a General basis, with normal business activities.

«Mining cryptocurrencies as a form of entrepreneurial activity requires a corresponding change in NACE and determining the tax regime. In this situation the ideal solution is a patent with a fixed amount of payment. This decision is an additional motivation for the work of miners in the legal field,» — said Fateev.

Also, the official considers it necessary to consolidate the functioning of mining companies, giving them the opportunity to cryptocurrency transactions without participation of third parties.

The artist recalled the amount of 50 thousand rubles, which proposes to limit the amount of token purchases by individuals, on the basis of the bill of the Ministry of Finance. He expressed the opinion that the acquisition of the token – independent decision, and must provide maximum comfort to the involvement of the entrepreneurs in this activity, and this limitation contributes to increased interest in her.

We will remind that on January 25 the Ministry of Finance published the draft law «On digital of financial assets», which defines a number of terms, but the order of taxation of revenues from this activity are not spelled out.

Alexey Moiseev proposes to impose a mining tax as a business activity depending on the organizational legal form of: «If the entity is a sole proprietorship, means one tax, if the legal entity is another.»

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