CEO Qiwi invested in ICO Telegram $ 17 million

General Director of the Russian payment system Qiwi Sergey Solonin participated in the project for the initial placement of tokens (ICO) of the messenger Telegram, which is currently held behind closed doors.

Worth about $ 17 million said the source, who asked to remain anonymous. The exact amount of investment Corned beef the representative of the Association of FINTECH refused to name.

«I’m interested in the idea of a new blockchain, I’m interested in the topic involving solving some issues on the blockchain, which is still not found answers,» confirmed corned beef in the Russian investment forum in Sochi: «my way to engage in dialogue with companies and projects is a personal investment. In this case, I focus intensely and delve into what is happening».

On the question of whether to consider investing in is the ICO investments to the Russian economy, Solonin said that the company could be Russian, but has created certain conditions that prevent that.

Pavel Durov, founder of Telegram, very wary of Russian investors. Many of the applications for participation in the acclaimed ICO from businessmen from Russia strongly rejected, however, according to the source «Interfax», the offer Corned beef is the largest volume of approved Russian applications.

It is known that the amount planned in the framework of the closed ICO investment of 600 million dollars. The same organizers Telegram Open Network plan to involve the expense of a public sale of tokens, which is expected to start in March this year.

Pavel Durov aims to create a cryptocurrency asset which in the future will be widely distributed, specifically as a means of payment. The project involves the development and implementation of the architecture of multilocale, which can provide proper speed and to cope with the volume of transactions that can compete with the monsters of electronic payments — Visa and Mastercard.

In the framework of the ICO-investors have a «Simple agreement for future tokens» (SAFT) is a contract giving the right to digital assets after listing on crypto-currency exchanges, which the investment proposal will take place no later than January of next year.

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