Change the address format in the network BCH will happen January 14

The community Bitcoin Cash (BCH) — developers and companies that support bitcoin, preparing for the «Day change of address», scheduled for January 14, 2018. On this day, the BCH network and its participants will be updated on the Bech32 proposed by Bitcoin developer ABC, Secitem Amaury (Amaury Séchet).

In October of this year it was reported that the lead developer of the Bitcoin client ABC Amaury Sechet proposes to change the address format in the Protocol of Bitcoin Cash. The new format will be based on the code base Bech32 and will prevent sending Cash, Bitcoin addresses Bitcoin (BTC) after the upgrade. In addition to this particular advantage the called Cashaddr will also provide enhancements for the new features of the Protocol.

For example, it will help to promote the concept of adding proof zero-knowledge (Zero Knowledge Proofs) in the network BCH. In addition, Cashaddr will provide an improved checksum and QR coding. Amaury Sechet said the proposed format would also allow developers to «implement a more secure way to implement smart contracts between two or more participants in the future.» Whips noted that the idea of a change of address was «provoked by» erroneous BCH shipments to addresses BTC and Vice versa.

«To lessen confusion for users using different addresses, I think it is very important to deploy this update in the near future and stop the fragmentation of the environment,» explained
Whips in the newsletter for developers. «For the deployment of such network changes will take some time to wallets, exchanges and sellers were able to update».

Companies are preparing for changes

Currently, the company is systematically preparing for «the Day of the change of address.» Representatives of the Explorer, blockchain Blockchair say they are developing a support address on the basis of Bech32. Openbazaar notes that developer Chris Pacia (Chris Pacia) also produced purses to change. Representatives of Stash wallets and Edge say they golovata to implement format Cashaddr along with the popular purse Electron Cash. P2P platform BTCpop also announced support for the new format:

«On January 14 we will support the implementation of the address format Bech32 Bitcoin for Cash. We also run a simple Converter to allow users to convert address Deposit to the new format. The withdrawal will be implemented in both formats.»

A significant part of the Bitcoin community Cash seem to be well prepared for the coming update. Other companies have three weeks to make all the necessary changes to their work. Many supporters of the BCH believe that the update will go as smoothly and successfully as hardwork November 13, changed the algorithm to adjust the difficulty of mining.

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