Changetip users find forgotten accounts bitcoins for thousands of dollars

Service Changetip micropayments, which last year was closed because of the high commissions in the network of Bitcoin, has now found a second wind. Account holders log on to the site, hoping to find forgotten once the pieces of bitcoins, the value of which is now in the hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

When in November 2016 platform Changetip has announced its closure, the cost of one bitcoin was about $750. But now, when the price of bitcoin exceeded last year’s by more than 20 times, the site turned to its former users in a real storehouse of wealth. Social network filled with stories about bitminer returning to the site, remembering when they are left there to surrender, and, to his delight, found that the surrender isn’t a surrender, and a pretty decent amount of money.

So, one Reddit user discovered on your account, 0.25 BTC. Many other users report about it to the tune of hundreds of dollars. Despite the closure, the site still Changetip allows users to login via social networks — Facebook, Twitter or Reddit — and restores lost bitcoins.

The only problem faced by the users of accounts, in whose purses contain very small amounts of bitcoins – this is a fee. Indeed, the Commission for the administration of small amounts are now often exceed the amount of the payment. This year bitcoin has gone a long way, but an incredible increase in its prices also influenced the size of the transaction fees. The futility of bitcoin as a platform for micropayments was proven last week when someone tried to translate Andreas Antonopoulos $1.50 in bitcoin, but it was prevented by a Commission for the transaction, which exceeded $13.

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