China confirms plans to close access to foreign cryptocurrency exchanges

The Chinese government intends to put in control of the trade in the cryptocurrency and block traders access to foreign resources, offering services in this area, and to prohibit participation in the ICO. This information was reported by the Financial News associated with the Central Bank of the country.

In the message text States that China will actively take measures to block all internal and offshore platforms associated with digital currency or ICO. Such measures are taken to prevent financial risks.

Last fall the Chinese government has already taken several such measures, and in particular, has closed the country’s cryptocurrency exchanges and has banned projects ICO. Today, the authorities intend to completely block access to foreign cryptocurrency sites.

The basis for such bans, according to South China Morning Post, was the fact that after the closure of local stock exchanges, Chinese investors and traders continued the activities on foreign resources.

Rumors about bans first began to appear in September of last year. In January 2018, the head of the people’s Bank of China p’an Gunsan (Pan Gongsheng), has called on a total ban on the centralized trading of virtual currencies.

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