China intends to transfer the storage data to the blockchain

National audit office people’s Republic of China is planning to use the blockchain for more structured data storage.

In the debate on the use of technology, which will allow you to «fill the gaps» that appeared in the existing storage infrastructure, the Agency expressed the view that the process of storing huge amount of data, for which it is responsible, will be more structured when it transferred to the distributed registry.

National audit office, one of 29 departments of the people’s Republic of China, considers all financial transactions of the government: administrative costs to individual state programs and also manages the audit Bureau of provinces and municipalities.

«Introducing the decentralized system as a separate node which will act as a local office, and an accredited auditor, the blockchain will reduce the workload of the Central government, while ensuring transparency, enabling them to track every transaction on all levels,» according to the organization’s website.

According to this information, the need for decentralization is linked to the existing operational model adopted by the Central office, which is the only Department, where all data is stored, represented by its commissioners at the provincial and municipal levels.

«Since the divisions at these levels do not hold data, we have to expand our software and hardware capabilities,» conclude the authors of the project, which the National audit office.



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