Chinese search engine Baidu has launched a similar games Cryptokitties

Chinese Internet giant Baidu has launched a new service based on the game Cryptococci (Cryptokitties) on the blockchain Aferizma through its broader work with bloccano. A service called «Leci Gou» («let’s Go!») allows you to trade with virtual puppies, and all transactions are recorded in the blockchain. However, it is unknown whether Baidu outdoor blockchain or private closed network.

On the website you can find digital puppies with different designs and prices, and their value is generated in accordance with popularity. Users with accounts on Baidu can get free one kryptospace and 1000 points in the game that can be used to trade with other «owners» puppies.

A new initiative from the company Baidu, which is considered the Chinese version of Google, is akin to a game CryptoKitties started on the Ethereum blockchain November 30, and eventually turned into a real epidemic: cats devoured
a considerable number of all gas-commissions Ethereum, leaving behind such old-timers like exchange EtherDelta and Shapeshift. The game has provoked the emergence of a number of projects imitators who hoped to capitalize on the craze cryptocotyle.

On the website a detailed explanation of what the service has developed an internal blockchain with a group of the company Baidu, who is also a member of the consortium Hyperledger Linux Foundation. According to Chinese media
and Leiphone in Baidu said that the project is available for use, but is still being tested and developed.

It was recently reported that Baidu launched its own blockchain-based platform based on the concept of BaaS (the blockchain-as-a-service – the blockchain as a service). The service may be used for payments in the digital currency, control of Bank credits, insurance management and financial analysis.

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