Chinese SSC acquires 27% of the U.S. crypto currency exchange DBOT

Chinese cloud solutions Group Cloud Seven Stars (SSC) acquired a 27% share of the us cryptocurrency exchange Delaware Board of Trade Holdings (DBOT).

SSC is controlled by tycoon Bruno Wu and belongs to him. According to many analysts, he tries to get on the cryptocurrency market. The announcement boosted shares of Chinese companies on Nasdaq more than 25%.

According to Seven Stars Cloud, the company «aims to become a world leader in providing solutions for artificial intelligence next generation.» By acquiring a controlling stake in the DBOT, the SSC hopes that a «covered SEC platform» will be a cornerstone for product support plug & play and IEO. (fundraiser, «primary placement of exchanges», which combines sales of tokens, distribution and listing of their exchanges).

«We are thrilled to be partnering and the formation of a business relationship with SSC, their business lines are the key mechanisms that affect the global trading platform SSC» – said the head of the DBOT John Wallace.

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