Chinese startup develops 32Teeth mining toothbrush

Traditionally, the technology of the blockchain using serious developers to create business solutions, however it may be interested in and a very creative personality. So, the team of the Chinese company 32Teeth is going to create a toothbrush that will allow you to earn cryptocurrency while brushing your teeth. Funds for the project will be collected through crowdfunding JD Finance platform.

«Smart brush» is a mirror, dentist and alarm at the same time: it can recognize a face of the host, to write data on personal hygiene in the blockchain and compare them with the average. The device will be equipped with 16 modes, it can record the cleaning process and to analyze it, and to remind you of the procedure in the morning and evenings.

«Toothbrush will allow your 32 teeth to become farm for mining,» reads the description to the project.

Brushing your teeth will «enrich» user tokens AYA (from Chinese literally translated as «the love of coins teeth»), which can be exchanged for a new brush, toothpaste and dental care.

And while some of those who discuss the project, speak about it with irony – one «expressed concern» that more tokens, his mother can clean the dog’s teeth, many consumers seem delighted with the idea of «anti-mining».

The project has already collected the amount requested at JD Finance (100 million yuan). The crowdfunding campaign will run until may.

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