Christine Lagarde said about the benefits of cryptocurrencies and the future of the blockchain

The head of the International monetary Fund (IMF), Christine Lagarde (Christine Lagarde) expressed an optimistic view regarding the cryptocurrency, saying that they «do not represent immediate danger,» and their regulation is advisable «balanced methods».

«I want to consider the advantages offered by cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. However, a reasonable view on their use should not lead us either to the crypto-condemnation, nor to the crypto-euphoria, – said the head of the IMF. – Crypto-currencies can significantly affect how we save, invest and pay our bills. That’s why politicians must urgently create a regulatory framework that minimizes risks, allowing new technologies to fruition.»

Lagarde believes that the blockchain can help financial markets function more efficiently through the use of a self-fulfilling and self-affirming «smart contracts» that will eliminate the need for intermediaries.

She added that the cryptocurrency will lead to the diversification of the financial landscape that will improve the balance between centralized and decentralized service providers, and financial ecosystem that will be more efficient and potentially more reliable.

Lagarde reminded investors of the risks, but overall her message was positive.

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