Circle, the company purchased the exchange Poloniex

The American crypto-currency company Circle announced the purchase of the largest alithinou Poloniex. Details of the deal were not disclosed, but according to editor Robert Hackett, Fortune, Circle paid for Poloniex $400 million.

Poloniex works in more than 100 countries, and Circle plans to expand the activities of the exchange, say the founders of Circle, Sean Neville and Jeremy Allair in a statement published on the website of the company. Circle intends to add to the listing of cryptocurrencies more and explore the possibility of including the dollar, the Euro and the pound that the Circle already offers through its mobile app.

«We expect growth platform Poloniex beyond its positioning as a trading platform only for the cryptocurrency assets – underline Neville and Allair. – We are talking about a multi-faceted distribution market, which can accommodate tokens representing all the values of physical goods, raising funds and capital, real estate, works of art, music and literature, rental services and rent time, credit, futures, etc.»

Informed Circle has attracted investments of nearly $140 million In the number of investors includes Goldman Sachs Group Inc and Baidu Inc. Circle is also known for being the first company to win the new York Regulations.

This absorption will make the exchange more transparent and may allow it to increase the volume of trade, but obviously the customers Poloniex will have to completely forget about anonymity, as Circle operates within the framework of U.S. law and much more attentive to the compliance with KYC/AML.

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