Cisco got a patent for a system of cloud mining

American multinational company Cisco, which develops and sells network equipment, received a patent for a system of «collective cloud computing», which can be used for mining.

According to the office of patents and trademarks USA (USPTO) filed by Cisco in September 2015, the patent application describes the options for the management of unused computing power for certain processes, including mining.

The documentation describes how a user can «share» their resources to create the allocated computing power to cloud applications. You can then use it for different purposes, says Cisco.

«This model is suitable for the creation of proposals for distributed data processing and services that require optimization to ensure the speed, volume, scale, and fault tolerance, cost, and regulatory compliance – for example, distributed systems of protection against theft or related clustered, urban or municipal services. One of the options for the use of mining bitcoins, which can be very intense, in terms of computational power and usually more convenient for each participant when it is done in mining pools», – the document says.

Cisco is positioning patented technology as highly scalable and fault-tolerant system for filing and transmission of documents that can use the geographical distribution for unloading or her optimization and for large-scale resale of cheap computing and storage capabilities.

The company has also filed patent applications for other uses of the blockchain technology, in particular to track data for group chats.

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