Co-founder of ZenCash stole the armored personnel carriers of national guard USA

On Tuesday evening from Fort Pickett in Blackstone was stolen armored personnel carrier M577. The police, sent to detention, led the prosecution for two hours and during that time covered a distance of about 100 kilometers.

Information publication ArmyTimes
reports that the culprit of the incident, the officer of the army national guard and part-time co-founder of the cryptocurrency ZenCash — a 29-year-old Joshua Philip Yabut (Joshua Philip Yabut) from Richmond, Virginia, where he actually went on a hijacked APC.

Police detained Joshua surrendered only the city of Richmond claimed that he was under the influence of drugs. However, About denies it. According to his version, which he told in a telephone conversation with the Associated Press while in the hospital, where the psychiatric examination and treatment of persons in accordance with the court order, the armored personnel carrier he took with the permission of the brigade commander, who ordered him to proceed on a predetermined route and to test the reaction of the police.

«By a lucky chance as a result of incident nobody has suffered. We thank the police officers who participated in this operation and was able to solve it without the use of force,» — said the representative of the administration of the VA.

A stolen armored personnel carrier subsequently returned to base. It had no weapons or explosives, but weapons had Joshua, but without ammo, but it could serve as a pretext for the use of weapons by the police.

At the moment, Joshua was arrested and is in jail in Richmond. In February, he filed papers in the U.S. Senate as an independent candidate.

It is known that About participated in the early stages of the cryptocurrency, and the ZenCash team confirmed it. However, according to them, he deliberately left a vulnerability in the code and thus «created a public method» allowing to carry out an attack on the system. Later, the vulnerability was fixed.

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