CobinHood Set to Launch a Zero Fee Crypto Exchange

The brand new CobinHood cryptocurrency exchange platform offers a range of features to make trading more convenient to the cryptocurrency community.

Blockchain technology is indeed going to revolutionize the internet and world finance as it is. In the last few years, we have witnessed remarkable growth in the adoption of cryptoassets across the world. The industry cap of these assets has grown into hundreds of billions within a few months. Even with all the splendid figures and promising returns, trading in crypto currencies is still a major challenge for most of the traders and investors out there.

With so much already done, there still exists significant hurdles that continue to bedevil crypto currency holders. Some of the issues that they have to deal with are: First, if you are a trader, most of the exchanges charge a trading fee. This will definitely impact on your overall profit at the end of the day.

Secondly, most of the exchanges do not offer real time trading for their clients. This results in delayed orders as the traders will have to wait a few days for these orders to be cleared. Thirdly, some of the exchanges may not have robust security systems. This makes them vulnerable to hackers and outside attacks. This has been recently witnessed in some of the high profile exchanges in the market. It has resulted in the loss of crypto assets worth billions of dollars, most of which are assets belonging to the customers. And then, there is a limitation on the fiat currencies that are supported on these exchanges. Traders and investors have to limit themselves to what is offered.

Finally, one of the biggest issues that crypto owners tend to experience is the fact that when they invest in ICOs they have to wait for long to trade them in secondary markets. This may end up affecting their liquidity.

A Zero Fee, High-Frequency Trading Exchange

What Cobinhood aims to achieve is to bring an end to the issues that continue to impede growth in this sector. Cobinhood is an all-inclusive zero fee exchange platform supporting high-frequency trading activities.

This is not all, the platform will also be responsible for underwriting all ICOs that are listed on its exchange, therefore, taking care of liquidity problems that investors may end up having. The exchange will support close to twenty crypto currencies on its platform. Some of the salient features of this platform are as follows:

  • The site will support multiple fiat currencies on its systems thus catering to a wide range of investors.
  • The crypto assets within this exchange will be fully insured so investors can know that their assets are safe.
  • There are also solid security structures put in place to ensure that clients’ funds are safe.
  • There will also be 24/7 online support on this platform.

The ICO for this platform is set to start in the month of September and the platform is expected to be fully operational in the third quarter of 2018.


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