Coinbase adds support for token standard ERC20

Coinbase has announced its intention to add support for tokens ERC20. This standard Protocol Ethereum is widely used by startups producing your tokens in the process ICO.

Coinbase offers a number of products that a decision to support ERC20 will affect directly. First, the impact will spread to the company Coinbase Custody, designed to help institutional investors to securely store digital assets and controlling the major deposits in the tokens. The exact number of users is unknown, but it is the most prominent repository of digital assets in the United States. Support ERC20 will allow you to keep using the service Coinbase Custody a number of new assets.

GDAX belonging to the Coinbase platform for trading digital assets, which now only supports bitcoin, Ethereum, litecoin and bitches would expect the emergence of a clearer regulatory framework before making the decision to add some token ERC20.

In General, new assets will enter the listing Coinbase only after will be added for GDAX. Coinbase Asset Management, index Fund companies will include any new assets listing GDAX on the basis of market capitalization.

Coinbase also announced that the payment processing service Coinbase Commerce, was created to help online stores to accept payments in four major currencies does not intend to accept payment in other.

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