Coinbase and Bitfinex added support SegWit

The two largest cryptocurrency platform Coinbase and Bitfinex has announced about adding support addresses and transactions Segregated Witness (SegWit).

«By adding support SegWit addresses Bitfinex solves three main issues that most trouble cryptoendoliths: transaction fees, transaction processing and overall network capacity. We are pleased that through this realization we can offer our clients lower fees for withdrawal of bitcoins (up to 20%) and faster transaction processing than ever», – said the technical Director Bitfinex Ardoino Paolo (Paolo Ardoino).

According to Twitter Coinbase, the exchange aims to a 100% run for all customers by the middle of next week.

Although many services are already added support SegWit, action Coinbase and Bitfinex are of great importance, given the volume of bitcoins traded on each platform, Bitfinex and Coinbase platform owned by GDAX amounted to almost one-tenth of the global volume of transactions in BTC for the previous 24 hours. This figure even understates the impact of these platforms, because it does not include platform Coinbase wallets. As Bitfinex and GDAX included in the 10 largest exchanges in the world by trading volume at the 5th and 8th place, respectively.

Coinbase has previously faced negative reaction of the community to higher transaction fees in the Bitcoin network, the inability of customers to withdraw funds to PayPal accounts and credit cards that were disabled as a payment method for customers from USA.

2017 was difficult for Bitfinex, which had problems with excessive registering new accounts, a subpoena from the CFTC and the refusal of the services of an audit firm Friedman LLP.

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