Coinbase is almost ready to introduce SegWit

Coinbase, one of the largest cryptocurrency platforms USA, announced the entry into the final stage of the process of technology implementation SegWit.

«Our team of developers started the final testing phase SegWit network of bitcoin on Coinbase. Customers will have the opportunity of input/output bitcoins using SegWit within a few weeks.»

Recall that in the past Coinbase have often been criticized because of the lack of support SegWit, as a result, the price and speed of transaction left much to be desired. In January, more than 12 thousand users signed a petition in favor of integration SegWit on Coinbase.

«Many users advocate the introduction of SegWit, and we work hard to safely integrate», — reported in December Dan Romero (Romero Dan), Vice President of Coinbase. «Billions of dollars stored in bitcoins, so any change in our infrastructure require special planning and consideration of the factors of stability and security.»

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