Coinbase launches service to accept payments in cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency platform Coinbase launched Coinbase Commerce, which aims to help online stores to accept payments in four major currencies. As noted in the company, Coinbase Commerce receive payments in the cryptocurrency, controlling, checking and confirming the customers ‘ transactions in each block chain.

Service Coinbase Commerce was launched after testing on Wednesday 14 February for sellers around the world. With new developments Coinbase, online retailers can accept payments in bitcoins (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), ether (ETH) and lateline (LTC). All cryptocurrencies are transferred directly to the purse of the seller, which he controls.

Commerce Coinbase developers say that the service can be integrated in the checkout process or added as a payment option in the store. New development already implemented by the canadian Internet company Shopify (NYSE: SHOP), one of the largest platforms, multichannel Commerce, with more than 500 000 sellers.

Coinbase Commerce – something like a PayPal for bitcoins, that is how the company explains the essence of the service of online shopping. In addition, soon it may become a direct competitor of Bitpay – the largest operator to receive payments in BTC today.

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