Coinbase Will not add new Currencies for the Foreseeable Future

Contrary to what most people expect, Coinbase will not add new assets anytime soon. While the company looks to improve its position, no commitments have been made at this time. There have been some fake rumors regarding new currencies being added to this platform. It is evident such rumors are merely designed to hype up the value of said currencies. It is always sad when projects stoop so low to gain any sort of attention.

It is evident a lot of things will change for Coinbase moving forward. The company is still one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges around the world. Adding new currencies is in their best interest first and foremost. For now, that will not necessarily happen in the near future. Instead, the company keeps all options on the table as we speak. A smart approach, although it also raises some questions.

No new Currencies for Coinbase

People who kept an eye on social media yesterday may recall the Coinbase rumors. More specifically, the Humaniq project claimed they would get listed on this platform. Similar rumors have surfaced regarding the addition of Ripple and Stellar Lumens. So far all of these claims are false unless proven otherwise. The proof is always in the pudding, so to speak. None of these currencies will be added to the platform in the future as far as we know at the time of writing.

We haven't made any decisions to add new assets to Coinbase or GDAX at this time. Any statement to the contrary is untrue. Be careful what you believe out there!

— Brian Armstrong (@brian_armstrong) January 4, 2018

It is sad to see Humaniq and other projects stoop so low regarding this development. There is no reason to hype up projects unless proper technical developments are in place to warrant excitement. Getting listed on an exchange carries fr less weight compared to what most people think. Granted, it provides more liquidity and exposure. That never means said specific currency or asset will gain traction. Coinbase still plans to add some currencies later this year, but no decisions have been made to date.

People are quick to point out a similar statement from Brian Armstrong not too long ago. At that time, it became evident the company would not list Bitcoin Cash in the near future. Less than a week later the BCH trading went live regardless of prior statements. It is evident Coinbase has a bit of a colored history in this regard. How all of this will play out moving forward, remains to be determined. For now, there is no reason to expect any new additions to the platform.

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